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"Getting information off the internet is like drinking from a fire hydrant" - Mitchell Kapor

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We live in an information age-it is easy to access and easy to publish. Not all information is created the same however, and it is important to be able to assess whether information is unbiased, factual, and accurate. Here are some resources to help evaluate information on the web. This website assesses stories from across the web and fact checks them.

Fake Or Real? How To Self-Check The News And Get The Facts An article from NPR about evaluating fake news.

How to report fake news on Facebook Buzzfeed offers instruction on how to report fake news stories on Facebook.

Fake News, Bias, Framed News, False Balance and What to Do about It A slightly academic explanation of some of the underlying issues of fake news.

BS Detector This is a browser extension that will display a message if the site you are on is known to be unreliable, fake news, biased or a number of other catagories. It will also display on Facebook links in your Facebook newsfeed. It was created by a group of tech developers and is still being updated and refined. It is a tool some may find helpful.

Is This Fake? An extension for Google Chrome created by Slate to help identify and report fake news on Facebook.

These are resources that are geared toward students doing research but can still be helpful for anyone trying to evaluate whether a website has good information

Virginia Tech Libraries Virginia Tech chart for evaluating websites.

Dalhousie University Criteria for Websites Dalhousie University six criteria for evaluating websites

University of Maryland Libraries Checklist for evaluating a website

Here our some of the resources at Brownell that can help you find better information.

Databases (Vermont Online Library, Heritage Quest and WilsonWeb sources)

Using the Web (Recommended Web Sites)

Our librarians at Brownell are available to help you find quality information, never hesitate to ask for guidance if you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information you encounter when you are seeking an answer to a question.

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Graphic presenting tips for evaluating fake news. Click for the orginal