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Kolvoord Community Room Policy

Accepted by the Brownell Library Trustees 4/20/10, 5/15/12

The Brownell Library is a department of the Village of Essex Junction. The Kolvoord Community Room Shall be available to groups for participation in activities of an educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable nature. The building's main function is as a library; other uses are welcome and encouraged, so long as they do not interfere with the ability of the library staff to serve the library needs of the community. This facility is available to the people of the community on an equitable basis, regardless of beliefs or affiliations of the individuals or groups requesting their use. The library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints expressed by community room users.

The following regulations govern the use of the Community Room:

1. The room may be used by any member of the community as a meeting space for any lawful activity appropriate to the size and nature of the room. The first priority for its use is for any programs sponsored by the Brownell Library. Permission to use the room will be granted in the following order: 1.Civic organizations 2. Non-profit groups. Only not for profit programs/presentations will be permitted to use the Kolvoord Community Room. The room is not for individual use.

2. Reservations may be made at the main Circulation Desk on a first-come, firstserve basis. Groups may only use the room once per month. Reservations shall be allowed up to three months in advance; however, if the use of the Community Room is in conflict with an emergency higher priority use, the Director reserves the right to cancel any prescheduled use of the Conference Room.

3. All events must be free and open to the public; however charges to cover the cost of materials may be levied if the person or group has the permission of the Library Director in advance.

4. Alcohol and tobacco are not permitted.

5. It is suggested that all activities be completed by 10:30pm.

6. Groups set up in advance and take down the room, putting chairs, tables and

equipment back where they belong.

7. Groups shall be responsible for any damage.

8. A refundable security deposit of $10.00, cash only, will be required for the use of the room. The key may be picked up on the previous day that the library is open. Return key in Book Drop at south entrance after meeting. Monthly statistics are kept on the room’s usage-your group needs to fill out and return a KCR use by community group form, which is found in the key box and the inside Kolvoord Room door. Repeated failure to return monthly statistics with result in the forfeiture of the group deposit. The patron should pick up deposit within two weeks. Any deposit not picked up within two weeks will be considered a donation to the library.

9. The Village of Essex Junction and the Brownell Library Trustees are not responsible for any accident, injury or loss of individual property while the room is in use.

10. A representative of any group or organization using the room must sign the Acceptance of Responsibility Form at the time of any reservation. If your group uses the room on a regular long term basis you will be required to sign the Acceptance of Responsibility Form each January.

Updated 5/12/12