Websites for Tweens


Be Internet Awesome’s Interland: Embark on a quest to become a confident explorer of the online world

Book Riot: Young Adult Book Recommendations

Boys' Life: Games, jokes, and project ideas for a boy's life

Bright Lite: Teen-generated content including photos, essays, drawings, comics, journal entries, and letters

Chess Kid: Learn & play chess

Digtial Compass: Learn the fundamentals of digital citizenship through a choose-your-own-path game designed for grades 6-8

Duolingo: Learn a language for free

Exploratorium: Explore, play, discover: websites, activities, and more to pique your curiosity about STEAM

Find & Go Seek: Things to do in Northern Vermont

Global Oneness Project: Aims to connect, through multimedia stories, the local human experience to global issues, such as climate change, water scarcity, food insecurity, poverty, endangered cultures, migration, and sustainability

Home Study Resources from the Vermont Agency of Education: Find forms and guidelines for enrolling in home study, resources, end of year assessments, special education guidelines

Hour of Code: Anyone can learn to code; try out different coding languages and techniques

HSLDA: Homeschooling law, rights, cases, and resources

Khan Academy: Find homework help with videos explaining a variety of concepts

Kids VT News: News on family friendly events, camps, and classes in Vermont

Noflyingnotights: Graphic novel reviews

Vermont Online Library’s K-12 Resources: Online research and information databases on a variety of topics, including Universal Class