Essex Junction

The Village of Essex Junction was incorporated in 1892 and has a current population of 9271 (2010 census). It is a vibrant community with many businesses and activities.

The Village of Essex Junction is located within the Town of Essex. Residents of Essex Junction are also residents of the Town of Essex. Only residents of the Village of Essex Junction are eligable for Brownell Library cards. Residents of the Town of Essex can get library cards at the Essex Free Library which they can then use at Brownell. If you are unsure if you live in the Village or the Town of Essex outside the village check the street list of Essex Junction. If your street is not listed then you live in the Town of Essex.

The Village of Essex Junction website has information for citizens and visitors of Essex Junction.

Essex Junction Recreation and Parks (EJRP) maintains three parks in the village and hosts activites for all ages.

The Village of Essex Junction is part of the Essex Westford School District. Essex High School is located in the Village and serves as the high school for the entire district. The village also has three elementary schools and a middle school.